Midyear Reports/Transcripts

If you need a mid-year transcript sent to any of the colleges to which you applied, please read the information below very carefully and submit your requests via Naviance to Counseling Services by January 30.

What is a mid-year transcript?

A mid-year transcript is your most up-to-date transcript which will include your senior, first semester grades and the recalculated GPA that reflects your new grades. Your counselor will complete the Common Application Mid-Year Report which will accompany the mid-year transcript. You do not need to request the Report and transcript separately, they go together.

Do I need to have my mid-year transcript sent?

  • If you are applying Regular Decision to any college, you will likely need to request a mid-year transcript as colleges typically expect to see your most recent senior year grades at this deadline.

  • If you applied Early Action/Early Decisions/Restricted Early Action or Rolling, check your admissions webpage, portal, and/or email correspondences for each college to see if they require a mid-year transcript. If so, please request it accordingly. Note, there are colleges that require students to self-report their grades versus having one sent from Counseling Services.

How to request a mid-year transcript:

  • Log into Naviance

  • Click on Colleges Tab

  • Click on Colleges I’m Applying To

  • Click Request Transcripts

  • Click Mid-Year

  • DO NOT Request additional materials such as SAT/ACT. We do not have access to send your scores. If you are reporting your scores, make sure you request your scores directly through either College Board or ACT.

  • Click on “where are you sending the transcript” and select each school to which you want the transcript sent. Click done when finished selecting the colleges to which to send.

  • Click Request and Finish

  • You can follow the status of your mid-year request under “Manage Transcripts.”

Need Further Help?

Please contact your assigned school counselor if you have questions.