Mental Health Referrals and Transportation Coordination

Does NCSSM Counseling Services provide referrals for mental health services?

NCSSM counselors provide mainly crisis intervention, consultation, and individual counseling on a short-term basis. NCSSM counselors cannot be used for ongoing individual or family therapy since our time is divided among 300 students. If extended treatment is needed, we will recommend that you meet with an outside therapist. Psychology Today (scroll below to the bottom) is a directory that lists clinical professionals, psychiatrists, and treatment centers providing mental health services. These clinicians offer detailed profiles and video introductions to demonstrate their expertise and are easily accessible via confidential email and phone exchanges. Many will note if they offer teletherapy sessions. See the disclaimer below about providers.

Does NCSSM provide transportation to mental health appointments? If so, how does it work?

Student Life is happy to work with students and families to provide transportation for medical and counseling appointments within a  20-minute driving range of our campus, as well as emergency services. Transportation is coordinated and provided by our on-duty Student Life staff. Due to the volume of potential requests and our staffing ability, there may be times when your transportation request cannot be accommodated due to high demand. In those instances, we ask that you contact your provider in an effort to reschedule. If you would like to schedule transportation, please contact your assigned counselor. 

Parents and guardians are welcome to transport their students to appointments or arrange for transportation at their discretion. Counselors are also available to assist students in the coordination of teletherapy appointments where students can remain on campus. If students choose to meet with their therapists virtually, they may do so in their residence hall rooms or they can work with their counselor to identify a confidential space on campus.

The Transportation Request Form should be completed well in advance of your appointment(s). After receiving your submitted form, the availability of transportation will be assessed and you will receive an email confirmation or an email prompt for you to secure alternate transportation and/or reconnect with your provider to reschedule your appointment to a time in which transportation is available or to meet virtually.

If your appointment time changes or is canceled for any reason, please email Ms. Lowdermilk and copy your counselor as soon as possible. Additionally, if you do not receive an email confirmation or email prompt within 2 weekdays after submitting your request form or if you have any questions,  please email Ms. Lowdermilk and copy your counselor.


Mental health providers included on (scroll to bottom) serve students who are seeking off-campus care. It serves as a resource to help match your mental health needs and preferences with community providers. Please be aware that these providers are not affiliated with the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, and NCSSM does not make any promises or guarantees regarding the quality of services of these providers. Neither NCSSM nor Counseling Services guarantees the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the care or information provided by these providers, and does not endorse or recommend any of the providers listed. When deciding whether to use a provider, you are strongly encouraged to contact the providers for relevant information about care, including services, fees, insurance, etc.. NCSSM’s Counseling Services does not supervise any of the individuals or agencies included on this website and bears no responsibility for services provided by these resources.

If you have health insurance, start by calling your insurer's information number.  This is a good time to ask for clarification of your insurance benefits. Here are some questions you might ask:

If you do not have private health insurance, you should refer to this link: 

*Parents/guardians must be a part of this process because they are responsible for the insurance/payment.

Psychological Services for Medicaid Subscribers