Psychological Emergencies/ Care Response

NCSSM cares about students' well-being and their ability to function safely and independently in both the academic and residential components of the school. NCSSM has a Care Process to support students who experience a psychological/emotional crisis. If a student is deemed to be in crisis, the Director of Counseling or an NCSSM Wellness Counselor will meet with the student to gather information and contact the parent/guardian to collaborate on necessary supports that need to be secured for the student’s well-being. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to come immediately to NCSSM to assist in the student’s care if requested.

In an effort to meet the emotional needs of the student, the student and their family may need to follow a Care Process. This process includes time away from campus, a written psychological evaluation with a treatment plan by a licensed mental health professional, and an assessment meeting with members of Student Life and Counseling Services. With input from the family/guardian, student, mental health professional, and the student’s support team, the Vice Chancellor for Student Life will make a decision concerning whether the student may return to campus. When appropriate, an Individualized Support Plan and Safety Plan are developed.