Belk Scholarship-Davidson

Davidson College has invited NCSSM to nominate two outstanding seniors for the John Montgomery Belk Scholarship. As the school’s most prestigious merit-based award, the annually renewable Belk Scholarship covers the comprehensive cost of attending Davidson (room, board, tuition, and fees). The program also provides access to special stipends allowing scholars to pursue international study and other intellectual, leadership, and service enrichment opportunities.

Belk Scholars represent the finest attributes of the Davidson student body: intellectual depth and academic achievement, strength of character and integrity, global awareness, commitment to service, leadership ability, and potential for continuing impact. To be eligible for the scholarship, a candidate must show evidence of outstanding achievement in each of the four selection criteria:

  • CHALLENGE SEEKERS: Embrace a multidimensional lifestyle, giving rich evidence of intellectual depth and academic achievement, as well as accomplishment in other meaningful activities. Demonstrate tireless ability to overcome obstacles and apply lessons learned.

  • INTELLECTUAL EXPLORERS: Exude an eagerness to learn within every facet of life. Generate and engage with original ideas seriously and articulately, striving to enrich their own understanding, as well as that of others.

  • SERVANT LEADERS: Maintain an extraordinary strength of character, including confidence and humility, and a tremendous regard for collaboration. Vigorous and strong in mind and spirit.

  • CHANGE AGENTS: Act as catalysts for community improvement, making unique connections in order to bring about positive change.

Before you begin your online NCSSM nomination application, please refer to the Belk Scholars website for more information about the program.

To be considered for nomination by the NCSSM Scholarship Nominating Committee, interested seniors must submit an online nomination application no later than 12:00 noon Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Please be sure to read the application carefully and follow all instructions. Late applications will not be considered. We encourage you to copy the questions into a Google or Word Document while you write and revise your responses.

Note that Davidson does not allow for self-nomination for this scholarship. In addition to the schools’ nominations, Davidson admission staff may also nominate students based on the strength of their application for admission.

Please note that an application for undergraduate admission to Davidson College will be required by December 15, 2021.