Final Transcripts

Note: Ms. Lowdermilk, Student Life Office Manager, sends all final transcripts from mid to late June. (Grades have to be verified before being put on the transcripts, then transcripts have to be audited before each one is uploaded into Naviance.) You do NOT need to provide us with a final school report form from your college. We use the final school report that is in Naviance. If you have any questions regarding your final transcript, contact Ms. Lowdermilk at or 828.347.9128.

In order to complete your college enrollment process, you MUST complete the graduation survey on Naviance. This serves as your final transcript request to the college you are attending in addition to providing our office with required scholarship and grant information. Counseling will provide instructions on how to complete this information at the end of academic year before students graduate.

Here are instructions on how to complete the graduation survey:

  • Log into Naviance

  • Click on the about me tab

  • Click on Graduation Survey (on the left side of the page under surveys to take)

    • Step 1- indicate what your plans are for next year (i.e. attend a 4 year college, take a year off, etc.)

    • Step 2 - indicate the final decisions for each college to which you applied (i.e. accepted, denied, waitlisted, etc.). If you did NOT apply to a college listed, indicate withdrawn. *This information is only viewable by you, your parents/guardians, and your counselor. Completing this step also ensures that our data is accurate for future classes.

    • Step 3 - Indicate which college you will be attending. This serves as your final transcript request. If you do not complete this, your final transcript will NOT be sent, and you will not be able to enroll at your college/university.

    • Step 4 - Indicate any scholarships or grants you were offered (even if you're not accepting the money or attending that college). Include everything except loans. If you have more than 5 to list, simply write more than one on each line. Make sure you include the total amount over 4 years in the box. All high schools require this information.

    • Step 5 (if needed) - If you want a final transcript sent to one or more of your waitlist schools, you need to make that request like you would for a scholarship or summer opportunity. Instructions can be found here: You don't need to type in the address, just the name of the college(s).